A Leap of Legend

One fall afternoon in 1876, famed outlaw Jesse James stole a broke-down old horse and further cemented his legend with a 20-foot wide jump over Devil’s Gulch.

As always, Jesse and his brother Frank were on the run after a yet another bank robbery in Northfield, Minnesota. They stole horses from a local farmer, galloped at full speed across the fields with a skilled posse hot on their trail. Close to capture, and with nothing left to lose, Jesse pointed his steed toward the impossibly-wide chasm. Leaping to what had to feel like certain death Jesse cleared the span and furthered his legendary story.

Legend is legend for a reason – because often it is exaggerated or simply untrue. If Jesse did make this leap of faith that day, it may be the only thing he needed to do to write himself into history.

Just to see if for yourself, it’s worth the stop.