Needles Highway

The scenic Needles Highway drive made it into our list while doing research about South Dakota, and after exploring Wind Cave and Custer SD, we decided to drive Route 87 home. Unfortunately, as it’s part of a state park, we had to pay a $15 entrance fee on the way.

As our drive started south, huge granite mountains came into view in the distance as we traversed hairpin after switchback on our way through the park. This was definitely worth the extra fee by itself, but as we came around one corner, the road, strategically placed between needle like boulders offered a chance to stop and take breathtaking images of the naturally unnatural formations. This was truly a sight to see. I’m not sure that the pictures below give justice to the wonders of this highway.

The most interesting features were the rock tunnels. At this point in the trip, we have driven through many tunnels. But, this one was barely wide enough for a modern vehicle. If you aren’t careful, you could surely scrape the mirrors right off your car on the sharp rock wall. In this small stretch of the road, there are many parking space overlooks. You can take photographs, explore the rocks, have a picnic or just take in the views.

This was the most amazing scenic drive so far and a must-drive if you are ever in the Black Hills of South Dakota.