The Highway of Anticipation

More formally known as Regent-Gladstone Road, the Enchanted Highway is the brainchild of metal sculptor Gary Greff and runs south from I-94 to Gary’s tiny hometown of Regent.

Gary has nicknamed the interactive highway, the “Road of Anticipation”, and for good reason. I have to say it felt like one of the shortest journeys we’ve taken even though it was 100 miles round trip from our campsite. That’s because every few miles the highway is sprinkled with 8 enormous pieces of folk art.

We had heard even though we didn’t have time to stop (and it was too early anyway) that the highway has done its purpose of drawing tourists off the beaten track. Many businesses have popped up to cater to these new-found customers and Gary himself has a gift shop where you can buy scale models of each piece and meet Gary.

Maybe next time. Here’s some photos.

"Geese in Flight" - 2001. In Guinness Book of World Records at time as largest metal sculpture.

"Pheasants on the Prairie" - 1997 Rooster alone weights 13,000 lbs and stands 40 feet tall.

"Deer Crossing" - 2002. Buck is 60 feet long and 75 feet tall.

"Fisherman's Dream"

"Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again" - 1993.

"Grasshoppers in the Field" - 1999. Look how small we are next to it!

"The Tin Family" - 1991. Dad is 45 feet tall while Mom is just under 44 feet.