Ed’s Museum

Most men live and die without leaving much to show for it. Ed Krueger is mot most men. Ed’s 91 year journey is documented in boxes, on shelves and within store cabinets in his home in Wycoff, MN. You may say “I’ve never heard of Ed Krueger. Who has?

Ed was a soldier, shopkeeper, husband and a father. Other than his role as this tiny town’s Treasurer and Fire Chief, he did very little that was particularly extraordinary. But he documented it. Every receipt, every correspondence and every moment was collected by this quintessential packrat.

What’s left are collections so varied and interesting that even he thought it should be in a museum. In fact, he put them in a museum, his own museum that he opened in his former Jack Sprat Grocery store.

He has autographed movie star photos, every Life magazine and TV Guide for every year he had a subscription, city calendars, toys and even unopened (and perishable) merchandise from the shelves of his 1940s grocery store.

In 1989, Ed passed at 91 1/2 years-old and willed his “collections” to the city with the understanding that the city must maintain his legacy forever, by maintaining “Ed’s Museum”. In response, the city created the Wycoff Area Historical Society to oversee and maintain the operation of the museum. It took months to organize and catalog Ed’s collections, and an estimated 6 truckloads were hauled away. Even today, many of Ed’s items remain in boxes awaiting discovery.

We wish we would have had more time to spend looking at Ed’s life. But in reality, it would take weeks to see everything on all three floors. Here are some photos and click here for more information.