Home of the Hamburger?

Give me that burger, I'll market it for you Seymour!

Like hundreds of other small towns, Seymour has its claim to fame, and it’s a big one. But sadly, they need work on the marketing efforts.

Knowing that this is one of several cities that claim to be the “home of the hamburger,” we figured we’d be in for quite a hamburger-heavy experience when we got there.

We arrived and turned off main street to visit the tribute statue for “Hamburger Charlie” along and the accompanying “Charlie Grill” and replica hamburger.

As the story goes, Charlie initially served meatballs at regional fairs, but soon realized people wanted something they could eat on the run –which is not a meatballs key market position. So he began flattening the meatballs and serving them on a bun, with a pickle and an onion. Apparently he used the term “hamburger” to draw customers, many of whom were from the Hamburg region of Germany. They caught on and the rest as they say “is history.”

But here’s where this story, like Charlie’s meatballs, falls flat in Seymour. They have a hamburger festival each year, but it seems outside of that week, the hamburger is only a necessary evil. We would have loved to sample a traditional Charlie burger, but his restaurant is no longer in business, and the handful of restaurants remaining in Seymour have not taken the baton.

We heard from a less-than-friendly model train enthusiast that The Plaza was soon going to implement a Charlie Burger. Excitedly we called, only to discover, that they would not be creating this tribute until… you guessed it… the hamburger festival.

We stopped by anyway, ordered a burger and though it was good grilled, we were disappointed that “the home of the hamburger” doesn’t own the hamburger. We could’ve stopped across the street at the real home of the hamburger if we had known – McDonalds.

We hope Seymour, WI can work on their claim to fame to make it worth the trip for you.