Why is it called a Sundae?

Two Rivers, WI is like any Midwestern shoreline town – formerly an industrial hot bed but now struggling to fish every dollar of tourists’ pockets (not in a bad way, that’s just progress.) But, unlike those other towns Two Rivers has a special hook; a hook drenched in chocolate syrup covered with nuts and served in a special dish.

Theirs is not the only attempt, but Two Rivers is definitely the most reputable to lay claim to being the home of the ice cream sundae. On a Sunday in 1881, a local man asked soda fountain owner, Edward C. Berner, to top his dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce, a sauce was used exclusively for ice cream sodas. He agreed, and though the concoction at the time had no official name, it sold briskly for 5 cents, but only on Sundays.

But as the stoy goes, an anxious 10-year old girl couldn’t wait to have her sugar fix (typical 10-year-old) and told Berner that they could “pretend it was a Sunday.” After that, everyday WAS a Sunday at his soda fountain.

Neither Edward C. Berner or the little girl ever recieved a Nobel Prize for their pioneering work in developing the sundae. But, as we sat enjoying our hot fudge sundae, we wondered how the committee could have forgotten them.

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