The Home of Houdini

Two similar busts broke soon after his death, this is the last remaining... haunted?

Appleton is a tiny town tucked only 20 miles south of the frozen tundra of Green Bay, and like its most famous son, it could escape your attention if your not careful. Ehrich Weiss regularly referred to Appleton as his hometown long after he had made a name for himself as the most recognized entertainer in the world – Harry Houdini.

Since my third grade book report focused on the exploits of Houdini, I consider myself a bit of a scholar and was very excited to see what kind of memorial his hometown had built for him.

Appleton’s History Museum, in addition to local nostalgia, contains AKA Houdini. The interactive exhibit showcases many of Houdini’s most famous tricks, reveals how many were done and chronicles his amazing career.

If you enjoy magic, admire Houdini or have a few hours to kill while in Appleton, we suggest you fork over the $7.50 for this interesting attraction. It’s great for kids as well. For more information or other Appleton attractions see here.