A Ride with the King!

The Same View Elvis had in 1977, but in Memphis.

On our first night in Green Bay, we were looking for something fun and laid back to do. Kimmer found information on Bay Beach Amusement Park, a fun little public park that has been converted into a working amusement park. It is free to the public, and only requires the purchase of ride tickets, if that’s your thing.

We made the drive to the park but were hesitant after our trip to Arnold’s Park.

After searching a while for a spot, we were very excited about these rides we saw from the parking lot. One large wooden roller coaster, a ferris wheel, kiddie train, potato sack slide, bumper cars and several other rides were laid out before us. We finally found the ticket booth, and tickets were only 25 cents each! The most expensive ride, The Zippin’ Pippin Roller Coaster (apparently Elvis’s favorite coaster), cost only 5 tickets… for the math challenged, that’s $1.25 per ride! REALLY!?

With our 20 tickets in hand, we made a bee line for the potato sack slide. This slide had three impressive hills and looked like so much fun. We grabbed our potato sacks and ran up the stairs. Of course, we decide to race to the bottom. Though I held a lead for a while, a late push sent Kimmer to the win the first time, and I’m sad to say that Kimmer actually won both heats, but I looked good losing, so… it’s a wash.

Then, we make our way the wooden roller coaster and go for a spin. Not a bad wooden roller coaster. A plaque says that, in its original incarnation at Libertyland Amusement Park, the Zippin’ Pippin was Elvis’s favorite roller coaster. In fact, he rented Libertyland for 6 hours on August 8th 1977, and road the coaster continuously for over two hours. I know it’s a little hokey, but it was kinda cool to think that, since we road in the front car, Elvis’s preferred seat, we were riding with the King. This was his last public appearance, as he died only 8 days later.

Finally we rode the kiddie train, a surprisingly fun ride around the park that offers a great view of Lake Michigan.

We often measure attractions quite scientifically, by their fun to cost ratio. We rated this park quite high, which is unique for an amusement park. Definitely was a great summer evening.  More info here.