Mount Horeb, WI

A little math.

A = Norwegians love trolls.
B = Mount Horeb, WI was founded by Norwegians.
C = Michael Feeney is from Mount Horeb and is an exceptional wood carver.

A + B + C = a unique reason to visit Mount Horeb.

Mt. Horeb is a beautiful community with antique shops, Norwegian specialty stores, and restaurants that would make any visitor passing through the area want to stop. But it’s the twenty unique troll sculptures around town and their self-proclaimed title as “Troll Capital” that draws people from the great beyond.

We stopped briefly at the Visitors’ Center, grabbed a map and headed out “trolling”. We stopped at Open House Imports and bought some postcards and a t-shirt for my German brother-in-law. The shop was surprisingly large and contained an exhaustive set of European gifts and too many trolls to count. Just like pound puppies, they’re so cute when they think you’re going to take them home!

We walked around for nearly two hours and closed out the visit with a stop at the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub for a couple of pints. I sampled Norski Nut Brown and Victoria tried the Trailside Wheat; both of which are brewed on premise and were delicious. In fact, they brew 12 different beers.

Though it might be fun to visit Mt. Horeb during their sesquicentennial events, or if you love trolls like we do, outside of its troll connection, this town is just like any one of the many small midwestern towns through which we’ve passed.

And now… some trolls.