Ella’s Deli and Ice Cream Parlor

Consistently voted “best deli” and “best place to take kids”, this place worked for Victoria in two ways – she likes delis and she could take her kid – ME.

Ella’s, opened in the 1960s, is filled (and I do mean filled) with an extensive assortment of vintage animatronics. None require tokens and are set to beep, bleep and move constantly. It’s almost overwhelming on your senses. The place was packed with kids who all seemed mesmerized by the vintage sights and sounds. It’s a little like Chuck E. Cheese maybe, without the tub of germ infested balls and plastic tubing.

Unlike Chick E. Cheese, Ella’s put their food first with one of the largest menus we’ve ever seen with an entire page for vegetarians. Victoria ordered the vegetarian reuben with three cheeses, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and a tomato. I ordered the old standby – hummus plate with pita, veggies and chickpeas. While we were noshing (it’s a kosher deli, it’s NOSHING!), we happen to look over to see the dessert menu that was as monstrous as the dinner menu. We scarfed down our meals and ordered a traditional banana split created with Ella’s fresh-made ice cream.

We’ve always heard bigger menus make it harder to maintain quality. That is not the case with Ella’s – both meals and dessert were perfectly prepared and very, very delicious.

Another thing that makes Ella’s unique is the original 1927 carousel outside – one of only 75 known C.W. Parker models in existence in the US. It costs only a dollar per nostalgic ride. We definitely would recommend this place separately as a deli or as an ice cream parlor, but add the animatronics and it’s a must-see for kids of all ages.