International Crane Foundation

Tiny Baraboo, Wisconsin has 100 residents unlike any individuals in any town in the United States. These 100 residents are a collection of cranes from all over the world. They range from endangered to more common North American birds, but what makes this  collection unique is the International Crane Foundation (ICF) has amassed the only complete collection of all 15 species. The goal of the ICF is to sustain places where cranes live to the benefit of the birds and countless other animals and insects.

The ICF’s world headquarters is located in this tiny town and is a center for research, education, ecosystem restoration and captive breeding. The design of the park and self-guided tour gave us an up close look at these beautiful animals. One look at their poise and elegant walk make you realize that these tall, thin statues are more than simply birds. From gold crowns, to bright red eyeglasses, they are the most fashion forward fowl and they know it.

They preen and strut, and sing and dance assuring they are the center of attention.

Here are some pictures. To schedule a visit, click here.