Great Views… of the River

Looks like a curvy mound. Could be a bear.

Today, we stopped at Effigy Mounds in Northeastern Iowa on our drive into Wisconsin, but since we had several more hours of driving we didn’t have a lot of time to spend here.

Inside the visitor center, we started with their 15-minute video about mounds in general, a lot of which we had already learned during our visit to Cahokia Mounds in Illinois, as well as the mounds of this area. There were several hikes available, depending on your available time.

We did the 45-minute hike and we realized quickly that the first section was all up hill, at a significant grade. Huffing and puffing up this first section, we wondered if it was ever going to level out. It couldn’t be uphill both ways like my grandfather’s walk to school could it?

Once we got up the initial incline, the views of the “great river”, the Mississippi were truly spectacular. Below is a little sampling. And, while the mounds are also interesting; it’s a bit difficult to see them from ground level.

So, in closing, great views of the river, you just have to walk around some mounds.

This may be our last “mound” stop for a while.