Callahan Gothic

In 1930, while on a visit to a friend’s gallery in Eldon, Iowa, artist Grant Wood would find inspiration in what he called a pretentious window in a little farm house. The sketch he made on a napkin that day would be the basis for American Gothic, one of the most beloved, controversial and parodied painting in the modern era.

The house still stands today nearly 90 years after the painting raised controversy along the Bible belt. The house has now been preserved by the county historical society who has also built a museum near the property for you to learn more about Wood, the subjects of the painting (his sister and his dentist), the cultural implication of his paintings, and the full story of American Gothic.

Perhaps the coolest part is they have costumes to reenact the painting and the administrator, Holly, will take your picture…

…Behold Callahan Gothic.

Callahan Gothic

And some other cool stuff from the museum too.