Fenelon Place Elevator Company

While buying postcards at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, we stumbled on a postcard for the Fenelon Place Elevator Company. Originally installed in 1882 in Dubuque, Iowa for a local business man and Senator J. K. Graves, the elevator was designed to make his commute shorter so he could take a nap. No seriously a nap (typical politician).

Soon other residents up on the hill where he lived were requesting rides so he began to offer on way trips for five cents. During the recession, a fire claimed the cars and local residents bought out his interest as they depended on it to get to work. To this day, it has been restored and use it to get up and down the hill.

For us, it was a fun and inexpensive way to get to the top of the hill to get a great view of the Mississippi River and tri-state area. Each ride costs just one dollar.

Definitely something to see – also great ice cream next door!

More here: http://www.dbq.com/fenplco/