Things Missouri Taught Us

Highways are designated in letters and double letters, not numbers – Need a rest area, too bad there aren’t any on Highway PP.

St. Louis doesn’t allow any building to be higher than the Arch.

Beermaster tour well worth the money, especially if you like free beer!

Budweiser uses rice in brewing process to give it their distinctive taste.

Skip Branson (Unless you enjoy sub-par cheese)

Ted Drewes IS good.

Outdoor sculpture is somehow more impactful than regular art (or maybe it’s just the size – that’s what she said)

Don’t mess around with Fitz floats they’re huge – or at least don’t order them as an appetizer.

Kansas City is known as the city of fountains

Cows seem happier in Missouri – seriously, I’ve never seen so many cows on so many open fields.

The definition of highway is a loose term – not necessarily a paved road.

Its not the heat that will kill you – it’s the humidity, oh yeah, AND the heat.

Arthur Bryant’s “Sweet Heat” sauce is the best. We also loved the burnt-end open face sandwich.

The climate at the time of the start of WWI is probably similar to today’s climate.

The Negro Leagues were the first to hire a women baseball player.

Hall of Famer Honus Wagner, when asked who the greatest baseball player is, responded “Babe Ruth in organized baseball, but in all of baseball? John Henry Lloyd.” John Henry Lloyd couldn’t play in the majors because he was black.