Fitz’s Root Beer

Saturday afternoon we spent a few hours exploring St. Louis’s famed Delmar Loop. Delmar is a six block area that has undergone a number of revitalization since the 1970s and now boasts trendy shops, art galleries, cool restaurants and bars, and yes, even a Starbucks.

It’s coolest feature is perhaps the “walk of fame”, large stars like those on Hollywood Blvd that laud the accomplishments of legendary St. Louisans such like Yogi Berra, Chuck Berry and Ike and Tina Turner as well as others like John Goodman and Sheryl Crow. (Kidding, they’re good too.)

We then met Victoria’s friend Amanda, her husband Chris and their three kids for lunch at Fitz’s Root Beer, a Delmar and St. Louis favorite. The food was great – very eclectic menu – and of course we started with a float: A dreamboat for me (Fitz’s Orange Soda) and a Creamboat for Victoria (Fitz’s Cream Soda). First of all, they were enormous – as the photo attests – but they were also DELICIOUS, the soda creamy and the ice cream sweet. Best, and largest float I’ve ever had

In 1947 Fitz’s Root Beer made its first delicious appearance under ice cream at a Fitz’s Drive In stand outside the city, and after getting the city hooked, the owner and the secret recipe retired in 1970. Then in 1985 someone purchased the recipe and began bottling it again, and then along came Fitz’s Restaurant in 1995 on Delmar.

This location is designed like a standard 50s diner with one major difference – it contains a classic bottling machine and workers in a glass room where they can be watched by diners. A very cool feature, and something to share with your kids or anyone who can remember these classic bottling machines.