Things Illinois Taught Us

All of Lincoln’s presidency was embroiled on the Civil War. (Secession occurred just before he took office and he was killed only a few days after the north won the Civil War.)

It matters where you get your hot dog in Chicago. We recommend Weiner Circle.

Chicago is a pretty easy city to navigate.

Springfield, IL is the Abraham Lincoln Mecca – Lincoln’s home, tomb and musuem, and much more.

Springfield is the home of the Cozy Dog (aka corn dog).

There are pancakes bigger than Kimmer’s head!

Taxes inflate the price of gas around Chicago!

The bean in Millennium Park is worth seeing!

Cahokia Mounds are impressive – you’ll get in a workout for the day.

We learned it is hard to lose your dog. The RV drives aren’t the same without our co-pilot.

We probably took 3 years off our life eating a horseshoe – A horse shoe is a Springfield delicacy that is basically a pile of beef covered with cheese and french fries on a bed of Texas Toast. I can hear our arteries clogging.

Route 66 has horrible signage.

President Lincoln’s nose is “lucky”?

Illinois is more than Chicago.

Windy City does not get its nickname from the wind.

“Bitches need tips!” at least according to the girls at the Weiner’s Circle.

Chicago River is the only river to be reversed send that nastiness down to Missouri (Bud Light is apparently bottled in Missouri and sent back up to Chicago as punishment)

State parks only take reservations up to a week prior then it becomes walk-up (first-come first-serve) – not a risk we want to take after a 5 hour drive.