Lincoln’s Home

Lincoln’s Home - Scene of some of his greatest triumphs.

When Lincoln moved to Springfield and hung his shingle as an attorney, he was finally able to afford the finer things in life – a larger home, ornamented with the finest wallpaper, the nicest carpeting and even a fully outfitted kitchen.

The Lincoln home in Springfield is the site of many of Lincoln’s greatest accomplishments. It’s where his children were raised, it’s where he accepted the Republican nomination for President, it’s where he heard word that he’d been elected President (over three other candidates), and it’s where he is purported to have written the first drafts of his famous “house divided” speech that likely won him the Presidency.

The house is truly beautiful, though a bit gaudy by today’s standards, and is appropriated with as many original artifacts as possible. In fact, it still contains the staircase and banister that Lincoln’s hands would have touched as he lumbered up the stairs to bed each evening.