Strawberry Festival – Crawfordsville

Following our visit to the Old Jail Museum, we headed to downtown Crawfordsville for the annual Strawberry Festival.

We were hoping to see all things strawberry, becsuse we love strawberries! We wanted to see strawberry pies, strawberry cakes, strawberry ice cream, strawberry preserves, and definitely some imaginative stuff like strawberry gumbo, strawberry pasta, or at least strawberry pizza.

Unfortunately, the Strawberry Festival was just like any other local fair with elephant ears, funnel cakes and whatever on a stick, But there was one bright spot of innovation, a shining star in the deep fried sea. That was Adam Laskowski owner of Your Personal Chefski shown above serving Victoria our second portion of strawberry bruschetta.

Chefski went for quality over quantity, offering only two creative and delicious options – the strawberry bruschetta and a fresh strawberry creme brulee. I don’t know how many readers we have in Indiana, but I’d love to challenge Chefski with another fruit.

Buddy said we should also send a shout out to Cattle Dog Bakery. He said (through a lot of drooling, scarfing and crunching noises) that the Doggy Pizza, “chocolate” canoli and Wooffle (waffle) were delicious. Plus, they looked so real!