A Walk on the Wild Side

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So, we have couple of days “exploring” under our belt. Things are really going well. We keep learning and fine tuning our process to be as efficient as possible, not just in trying to see as much as possible in each state but also to keep stories flowing to the website to keep our loyal readers interested. I am soooo surprised by how long it takes to write, edit and crop pictures for each blog, not to mention putting together coherent words after a day of exploring. Admittedly, we have had a hard time balancing the two priorities.

But, I digress.

The point of this entry is to mention all the wildlife Kimmer and I saw hopping, crawling and gobbling around our first camp site, Charlestown State Park. We lived at this state park for three days and each day brought something new – especially when you have a lot of time to notice the small things, like we do.

First, we saw what we called the “ant highway”. This tiny section of sidewalk on the way to the shower houses where literally dozens of ants would be crossing all day. We tried to get a photograph, but ants are really hard to photograph and these seemed disinterested in our lens. Nonetheless, we were very careful when we got to this section of the sidewalk as not to step on any ants.

Second, this park could have been called “Rabbit Park”. There are rabbits everywhere!!! They pop out a few feet from the dense brush sometimes in groups. Then once they sense you, they bolt upright for a moment like a stone bunny statue, then run back into the forest for protection.

Finally, there are wild turkeys at this park. I’ve never seen a wild turkey before. They’re much larger than I thought. Kimmer saw them outside and called out to me for me to catch a glimpse. He said they were gobbling like crazy, but of course, when I came out… nothing. They even started heading back into the forest. But, Kimmer saved the day. He is apparently functional in English, Spanish and Turkish(?), cuz he gobbled like a pro. Guess what, they stayed around and even started gobbling back. Four turkeys talking… what a great way to start the day – too bad I had to drive off with one of them (I mean Kimmer… keep up people).

I can’t wait to see what else we run into!