Our First Obstacle – Overcome?

We visited Carmel Indiana, north of Indianapolis earlier this evening and spent about an hour walking around the town’s art district.

Unfortunately, many of the shops were closed, so we were forced to return to our vehicle a little earlier than we had probably hoped, but looked forward to a beer or a glass of wine and a chance to turn in early. But this is when the adventure began.

When we got back to our always reliable 2002 Volvo, I noticed something near the passenger front tire that hadn’t been there when we left – a large puddle of black liquid.

Now, “I ain’t real mechanical” but I read somewhere that most (if not all) of that slick “oily” stuff should stay INSIDE your engine. Well, it was clear that my “oily stuff” had made a jailbreak, and since it was no longer inside the engine – as a team – we determined that there MIGHT be something wrong with it.

Since it was nearly 8 o’clock, most respectable mechanics had already gone home in their well-tuned, arrogantly oil-holding vehicles. We were left with very few options.

But, this is why Victoria and I make a great team (and probably why we’ve been together for 15 years). While I called Good Sam Club (our RV emergency roadside club), my wife was researching local mechanics and options for car rental. By the time I got an ETA on the tow-truck , we had already secured a mechanic (for tomorrow) and a rental vehicle for the next two days. I then called a cab and Victoria stayed behind to wait for the wrecker. Notice readers, Vic did most of the work. I mostly just sat there looking ruggedly handsome near the puddle trying not to get any on my skin.

A $70 cab ride, $91 car rental and who knows how large a repair bill later, and we’re good to go meet Michael Carmichael and his Guinness World Record Ball of Paint, take a Sock Tour at the For Bare Feet Factory and explore Indiana State Museum’s “Odd Indiana” exhibit tomorrow.

Lesson: It’s never as bad as it looks. Though, this is how it looked!