Santa Claus, Indiana

Having visited Frankenmuth, Michigan in late November, Santa Claus – other than its obvious connection by name – in our humble opinion – simply hasn’t done enough to really get into the Christmas spirit. Perhaps we didn’t see them at their best since it was 90 plus degrees and we didn’t have tickets to Holiday World or more importantly Splashin’ Safari (people repeatedly asked if we were going or if we had tickets.)

Victoria considers herself a bit of a Christmas connoisseur, a Santa savant, a yuletide gourmet. So she was a little disappointed that a place so festively named was so poorly executed – no cute downtown, no sleigh-shaped busses, no candy cane light posts… basically, we were disappointed that it didn’t have that “Christmas Eve” EVEryday feel (Chamber of Commerce – you can steal that idea!).

Maybe we’re just like our mothers (she’s never satisfied), but, to their credit, there are a lot of cool things about this town.

First there is the name, and the wonderful post office. From here, you can have your Holiday cards sent directly from and postmarked by the Santa Claus post master. In addition, each year, they answer more than 10,000 letters from children.

Then, there’s the Santa Claus Museum, where you can read about not only the history of the town (originally petitioned to be named Santa Fe, but upon request that they “choose another name” became “Santa Claus”) but the history Kris Kringle as well as a touching remembrance of a  man named Jim Yellig who for four decades donned the cap and coat of the rosy cheeked one and became known simply as “Santa Claus” to those children for whom he made the holidays so special.

Overall, we would say this is a must see for anyone who loves Santa Claus (and definitely for children) but we would suggest for anyone interested, that they visit when snow is on the ground and a nip is in the air – that way, you’re holiday spirit can add to the magic of this little town.