Nashville IN – Dime a Dozen

Have you ever been to one of those places that seem so familiar to another cute little town? You know the one — it doesn’t get you excited, it doesn’t make you wish you lived there. In fact, it doesn’t really elicit any specific emotion at all, except familiarity. That’s how we’d describe Nashville, Indiana. Cute, but not very memorable (other than sharing a name with a way cooler town).

It has the obligatory candle stores, fudge proprietor, and craft shops filled with wood signs that you’ve only seen hanging above your great aunt’s portable Amish heat surge fireplace featuring advice like “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach that man to fish and you’ll have the whole weekend to yourself.”

Don’t get us wrong, there were a few pretty neat things about Nashville – a weekend musician’s tour (featuring five musical acts around town playing live music in the street) as well as the Big Woods Brewing Company.

So, in short, while we wouldn’t encourage you to visit Nashville specifically, we think you should experience at least a few of these “dime a dozen” towns at least a half dozen times.