Back to Nature

We are on our first pre-trip to Indianapolis, IN to experience the Indy 500. We have decided to stay primarily at state/local parks for two reasons.

First, state parks are much cheaper ($10-$20 per night) versus private RV parks which can range between $30-$50 per night. While the state parks amenities are not as lush as a private park, it does have a homey feel and it’s often much quieter. This weekend we have been staying at Brown County State Park and everytime we drive in to the park, we get a friendly smile and wave as we drive by (sure, they’re also checking our parking pass – but they’re still friendly!)


Second, the state parks are much closer to nature. It is great to have acres of forest and wilderness in your backyard. While we are here to see all the sites of Indianapolis and the rest of Central Indiana, we have to remind ourselves to appreciate our home for next couple of nights. Today, we had a “picnic” dinner by Ogle Lake – which even Buddy loved, though he was ready for a nap pretty quickly! I hope to take a hike in the morning before we leave to see even more of the park.

While, we have all the comforts of home in our RV (air conditioning, bed, TV and kitchen), I do enjoy being closer to nature. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if these state parks are ready for Kimmer’s driving…