Announcing Our Presence

After driving nearly six hours from Columbus after a full days work,  most of the way in windy traffic*, we are exhausted.

Along the way, a nice older lady in the passenger side of a large pickup truck pulled up beside us pointing excitedly at our rig , while her husband was yelling something from the driver’s seat which we could only imagine was “Hey, your RV is awesome, someday I’ll do it too!” So, of course we waved, gave them the thumbs up and moved on down the road.

A few more miles down the road, we saw a younger couple come blistering up beside us in a late model honda, again the girl was pointing at the middle of our home and yelling something. Again, just knowing this was a “someday I’ll do it too” moment, I rolled down the window with a wave and a smile. They gave us a strange look (as if our wave wasn’t what they were looking for), shrugged their shoulders and hurried down the highway.

There were a few more as we drove along who pulled up to say hello and compliment us on our amazing choice to ride the open roads.

As we pulled into the campground at Brown County State Park, I heard a strange noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. As I got out to check, I noticed our “safety chain” that acts as the final stop to keep our car from falling from the tow dolly in case all other safety functions fail, had come loose.

As I was reattaching, I came to the realization that those friendly Indiana drivers were not in fact emphatically offering of words of encouragement, but instead were suggesting that we might want to pull over because our tow dolly and car could soon be engulfed in flames.  You see, our chain had been dragging along the highway at over 70 miles and hour, creating what I could only describe as an early fourth of July display, white and yellow sparks flying high in the air, yards behind the vehicle.

You’re welcome motorists of Indiana! You’re welcome.


*If you have ever driven an RV, you’ll understand why I mention the wind.