Fear? What Fear?

Some of you may be wondering about my husband and I. We definitely are NOT adrenaline junkies – sky diving, bungee jumping or swimming with sharks. In fact, we’ve never done any of those things (at least we didn’t know how close the sharks were). The scariest thing we’ve done to this point is to ride the coasters at Cedar Point (and Kimmer won’t even hop on the biggest ones – what a wuss!) So how are we able to leave everything behind for a year? As I think about it, we made one, big decision to do the trip but even after the decision was made (last fall) the trip seemed so far away and still unreal to us.

We told family and friends to reinforce our decision to take this trip. But even that didn’t make us truly feel the enormity of quitting our jobs and traveling for a year. Most of our family and friends were supportive (and surely thought we were crazy but politely didn’t tell us to our face).

After that, there were just a lot of little items checked off our list. Pay off all of our debt, check! Buy an RV, check! Rent the house, check! Sell off most of our stuff, check! Store the rest, check! Move into a tiny apartment for three months, check! Each of those moments were filled with stress but were not that scary.

The last little item to check off the list… Inform our employers of the decision. Okay, now that one was scary (no income = terrifying).

So now that it’s almost “go time” and we are going to pulling out of the city that we love, where we’ve built our lives, the fear is setting in. The one thing that helps me in moving forward is the adventure we have in front of us. As we research each state, I get excited about that week. Who would have figured there is so much to see in Iowa? Indeed, I had no idea until recently!

It’s comforting to know, when we return from this trip, our friends and family will still be waiting. But, when we do return to the grind of daily life, it will be all be worth it when we share our many stories that will sustain us in whatever our next adventure holds.