Let the Countdown Officially Begin

Today, someone at work asked “how can you concentrate?”

After pondering the question a moment, I just said “I don’t know.”

We’re now only 16 days from the road, and I feel obligated to my employer (METTLER TOLEDO) to complete (and in fact) try to get ahead of some tasks as much as I can before the trip to make the transition to someone else even more smooth.

But, in all honesty, each day a greater portion of my thoughts are turning to the trip.

Not daydreaming mind you. I just keep circling around the daily checklists and all that needs accomplished: securing a tow dolly (this weekend), selling our honda accord (I’ll make you a good deal), finishing our research for the first two months (need to get ahead), saying goodbye and seeing friends one last time before we set out, and packing and storing what’s still left of our pile of accumulated junk.

But, I also keep thinking about the unavoidable passing of our daily moment of zen – our beloved basset hound Buddy. He’s become such a part of our life, a physical representation of our time as a married couple (we got him only three months before our wedding and he was the first to take a bite of our cake – Buuuddddy!), and I swear, he’s a daily reminder of living life to the fullest – naps in the sun, always ready for a walk (even now when sick), eager for a treat and to play.

He’s a great dog, and a great pal, and we’ll definitely miss him.  But more than anything, and it may sound silly, I’m glad he’s made it to this point with us, to at least see us off on our trip, to pull away with us for one last (slightly larger) car ride . So, until the time comes, he’s going to be an integral part of our trip and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a bunch of pictures of the “old man.”  Starting with this one: