INDIANA: Early June

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Indiana, the Hoosier State, was added to the union in 1816, and currently ranks 15th in population (with 6.5 million residents), and 38th in land area. The state was founded primarily by Germans (much like our home state of Ohio), and for many represents “the heartland” of America, and we’re quite excited to see if we can find something different.

Unfortunately, due to our close proximity (in Ohio) and frequent visits, we will be spending a minimal amount of time in the state, but here’s a few of our proposed visits. Any thoughts? Please let us know.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: In our search for a cultural experience we MUST attend two of the world’s most attended (and watched) sporting events – an Indy Race and a NASCAR race. Well, one down, we’ve secured our general admission tickets for the 2011 Indy 500, a parking pass and two t-shirts for the day! more info here:


Amish Country: From what we’ve researched, it appears the self-guided “Heritage Trail Driving Tour” is the most thorough, but efficient way to explore Amish Country. This 90-mile trail gives a turn by turn by turn exploration of centuries-old Amish lifestyle and heritage. more about this tour can be found here.


Wolf Park: For over 25 years,  in Battleground, IN, the full moon has been greeted by wilderness howls from one of the most interesting, and important wildlife research centers in the country. Wolf Park was designed as a sanctuary for researchers seeking to better understand the lives of wolves in a protected, yet wholly authentic environment. Vital research findings here consistently lead to conservationist strategies and policy. We’ll be there for the Memorial weekend HOWL NIGHTS, even if we have to hunt down tickets at the last minute… get it “hunt down”? We’ll probably just show up and buy them. More here:


College Football Hall of Fame: No matter your age or your generation, the names are simply iconic: Bear Bryant, Walter Camp, Barry Sanders. To put this in perspective, think about this statistic from the College Football Hall of Fame. More than 5 million people have played college football, just over 1,000 have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. That’s .02% of all players. This is definitely a must see for ANY college football fan, and this Buckeyes fanatic will be there! More here:

Other Stuff:

  • Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame: “In 49 states it’s just basketball, this is Indiana!” ‘nuf said.
  • RV Hall of Fame: We’re in an RV and we’re heading on the greatest adventure of our lives – you know we’ll be here