Ohio: Thurman Cafe

The Thurman Cafe has been a landmark in German Village (an historic area of Columbus) since 1942. Opened by Nick Suclescy and passed on through the family, the restaurant has remained true to its roots. They’ve been profiled a number of times on a variety of food shows including ”Man vs. Food” where the “Thurmanator” was revealed to the world.

After 68 years, they still serve up the best burgers in Columbus, and consistently get voted the best burger in Central Ohio by customers who make this one of the city’s longest waits on a Friday night.

We waited 2 hours to be seated, and then realized that the wait was due to the shortage of seats in this quaint little location. But it was all worth the wait to see two 5-year vegetarians attempt to consume their classic “Thurmanator” for you the blog readers.

Though I’m paying for it today, the burger was delicious.